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Y’all…I really want to spare y’all the drama of going through 100+ comments on two posts just to read all the awesome and full of win articles and do a post with clean hyperlinks to what all of y’all wrote. I feel guilty because I gave y’all a deadline and now I am not delivering on the debrief.

I am struggling to keep up at the job that pays for my rent, food etc.
I am several posts behind on the blog that is paying me (v. v. bad).
I am a week behind on a PAID translation for which they call me daily.
I am a post behind on the blog that is not paying me.
I went to Munich this weekend to see my BFF from childhood (had I not gone I would not have seen her for another year) with the full intention of working on the train. Squalling infants on the way there and drunk soldiers on the way back kind of effed that up. Yes, maybe I shouldn’t have gone to Munich but if I didn’t live in a city full of Swiss assholes I wouldn’t do desperate things like take long ass train rides to see people who actually love and care about me.

So…lemme dig myself out of this hole and holla back at y’all by Wednesday.
Xoxo Nicole


Author: Nicole Cunningham

American Expat and convert to Islam living and working between Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland.

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