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Let’s try to vote again

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So my campaign to actually be registered to vote and really vote has started again.

Every election cycle is the same, I have to chase their asses and then I finally get the wrong ballot or get it too late.  

It must be because I am a Democrat.  Yes I am looking at you Harrison County Clerk. Y’all have enough absentee ballots to send to know what and when y’all need to send.

Anyway. I need to sign a power of attorney over to my Dad at the rate this is going. My brother would get that ballot and be all “Mitt Romney cha ching cha ching” with a flourish.

Speaking of Mitt Romney, people asked me the other day why I am voting for Obama.  I’m not an Obama fangirl by any stretch, but he has two things going for him:

-Obama is so far protecting a woman’s right to an abortion. I am a single-issue voter and this is my single issue. If you are not 100% pro-choice, if you say you are pro-choice but qualify it or otherwise question or try to put conditions on access to abortion, I will not vote for you.  There is a war on women in the United States and it goes a little like this: they want to make abortion illegal, they want us to pay for birth control, they want to repeal Obamacare and they are closing women’s clinics.  So essentially your choices as an American woman, if the Republican tea baggers have their way, are to have children you can’t afford or just not have sex.  I don’t think so. 


-The second thing is that Mitt Romney is a multibagzillionaire. He has no idea how I live or what keeps me up at night. Regardless of Obama’s current financial situation, I can relate to him. Why? Because he too had an essentially single mother. He too had to live with his grandparents. He too probably knew what it was like to choose between groceries and rent. Like Bill Clinton, Obama knows what it is like to be poor or struggling even if he isn’t any more and I believe his willingness to push Obamacare through against all odds reflects that. Mitt Romney? His most difficult financial situation was whether to put his gazillions in the Caymans or Switzerland. I have to deal with rich people like him every day and that ish is getting old. The Romneys of this world have different values.  

Oh and people who are “anti big government” but want to legislate the hell out of my vagina… I can’t do that either. 


Author: Nicole Cunningham

American Expat and convert to Islam living and working between Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland.

One thought on “Let’s try to vote again

  1. I love this post. You are truly an honest blogger who isn’t afraid to share your thoughts in an open, public space. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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