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Quick bit of shameless shilling

I am happy to say (as I sit here putting the finishing touches on a MMW post) that Muslimah Media Watch has been nominated in the Best Female Blogger and Best Group Blog categories at this year’s Brass Crescent Awards!

Two of my favorite blogs were nominated as well, sadly in the same category of Best European Blog. They are Hijab and the City (the nomination quote is from my MMW article where I cite a FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL BLOGGER, yes we can talk to the press) and the always fabulous Indigo Jo. I wish there was a way to vote for both!

Voting is open until November 19th so head on over there!


This blog is now public

Hiya! This blog is now public courtesy of some tea and Stephanie Booth . For those of you who remember the DP days, I am in the process of editing and importing those posts of value from back in the day, as well as some of my posts from Muslimah Media Watch and Lausanne Bondy Blog where appropriate. I will also be doing some housecleaning with the template, so please check back over the coming weeks as a lot of changes are still to be made!
Love and Light