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Everyday Islamophobia

Some people buried a dead pig and some pig heads on the land of a mosque being built in Solothurn. Oh, and I forgot the 120 liters pig blood they poured on it for good measure. They justified their actions saying they were worried about the “rampant Islamization” of Switzerland.

For a short English article from Swissinfo on the topic, click here.

It’s a slippery slope from every day Islamophobia like “Well *we* can’t have churches in Saudi Arabia” and “Minarets are against the Swiss way of life” to burying dead pigs on mosque grounds. I’m just saying.

I get so tired of the lame ass Swiss excuses like “well ‘these people’ need to integrate and learn the language and understand how ‘the West’ is.” Stupid Oskar Freysinger made money off Muslims then dared hold his post-minaret vote press conference in the Lausanne mosque. And that’s supposed to be ok even when it is blatant media manipulation. No one asks for minarets and supposedly *we* are the ones Islam-izing Switzerland? What, was this mosque in Solothurn a Mecca Mega Mall mosque? Did we start a popular initiative for all women to wear headscarves? What is this “Islamization?” Come on people.

And maybe people wouldn’t put all Islamophobes in the SVP basket if all Muslims weren’t in the Terrorists on Welfare basket. I feel like I have to justify my existence every day when frankly all I have done in this country is pay my taxes and keep my head down.

The worst part is that I am a convert and what I go through can’t compare to the hell someone with a “Yugo” or an “Arab” name who may identify as Muslim goes through just by virtue of being “ethnic.” So it is all fine and good that people are quick to condemn the pig attacks as an isolated incident, but remember that next time you “tut tut” at a chick walking down the street in a headscarf. Slippery slope indeed.

I’m working very hard on a project this weekend but had to blog on this. It makes me angry.