This Week on teh Interwebs

Some blog rules

Some quick blog rules amassed from years of blogging in other fora:

1. I Love Comments. However, I will ban any and all comments that bash Islam, my person, family or readers, or reveal private information about my person, my family, my employers past or present, or my readers. I am pretty transparent- I blog here and elsewhere under my REAL NAME but that doesn’t mean my entire life is on the internet, so let’s keep it that way.

2. Even if you post to my comments and I do not approve your message, that does not mean that I have not kept a copy of the message and your IP address for “future use”; comments and/or commenters that cross the line repeatedly will be reported to the appropriate authorities. If I allow your nasty comments past moderation, I will not remove the comments when everyone has taken a chill pill so don’t ask me to remove just because you are “sowwy.”

3. If past drama has meant we are not on speaking terms IRL, please don’t use my blog comments or trackbacks to “reach out” or “set the record straight.”

4.  This is not just a “Muslim” blog, this is not just a “tech” blog, this is not just a “language” blog, this is not just an “expat in Switzerland” blog. My interests run the gamut, so please don’t tell me in my comments that I should focus more on one rather than the other.

5. Don’t leave a comment just to plug your own site unless you are totally convinced I will love your site more than Carmex. You can send me an email for that.

6. Regarding posts on Islam and Muslims: If there is a noted difference of opinion amongst scholars on a general subject, please assume that I and other commenters know the varying scholarly positions on the subject and are simply expressing a personal opinion.  A concrete example  of a “general subject” would be “halal meat.” Other general subjects include moon sighting, makeup, alcohol in perfume, jilbabs, high heels, polygamy, music, etc.  If someone disagrees with you, it doesn’t mean they are stupid and haven’t thought about it or don’t have the “daleel”, it just means they disagree with you. While we’re at it,  no sectarian comments regarding Islam.  I will not tolerate discussion involving Sufi-bashing, Salafi-bashing, Shia-bashing, Ahbash-bashing, Zaytuna-bashing, or Dar ul Big Beard-bashing, hijabi-bashing, non-hijabi bashing, HT bashing and so on.  We are all accountable to Allah swt, on the Day of Judgement we stand alone.

7. As mentioned on my About page, all posts and trackbacks to articles I wrote for other sites should always credit the original site. I will remove or ask to remove all trackbacks which link to this site when they should link elsewhere.

8. No Muslim Godwin Trolls. This is in conjunction with points 1 and 6. What makes a Muslim Godwin Troll a Muslim Godwin Troll? The first one to call “haraam (it doesn’t count unless it has the double vowels, you know).” You and your comment get blocked. And no preemptive calling of “haraam” (or its friend, “astarghfirullah”) just to end the conversation.

9. No “non-Muslim” Godwin Trolls. Don’t like Islam? Don’t like Muslims? Think you are a feminist? Think I’m not?  I went to Ole Miss and I lived in France, so between the two I have heard everything negative anyone has ever said about Islam and Muslims at least twice if not more. I’m not interested in your boring, tired ass weak sauce points of view about how Muslim women are oppressed, the hijab is oppressive, Islam is a misogynistic religion, Muslims are all fundie terrorists out to destroy the world, I can’t be a feminist if I think women have the right to wear hijab, etc. etc. etc. So don’t sit there and think you are unique, intelligent or special if you throw that crap at me, I’ve been hearing it for 20 years and I still don’t believe it and you are wrong, and boring, and stupid on a level to which only Michele Bachmann can aspire. The truth hurts sometimes.

You agree to the above when you choose to post comments in my public forum.