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Another fool making Muslims look bad

This is part of my installment of old posts from 2008 and early 2009 which I have chosen to republish. Some links may be dead and I will try to fix them as I go.

High five to this moron. We have yet another case of a Muslim father bugging out on a male obstetrician in the ER in France. It was on the 8pm news but I haven’t found a link yet. Essentially the proud father bugged out because the only doctor on duty was a man and when Big Beard found that out, he slapped the doctor. Right on, dude. NOT. I’ve blogged about this before but I just gotta vent here. When are we as an ummah going to get it?!

For those of you beard twisters who haven’t yet gotten the memo about what happens in French hospitals:

1. You want special treatment in a French hospital? Gotta pay. Sign your wife up at a private clinic and open your wallet. Free healthcare is a myth, even in the supposedly socialized medicine paradise that is France. If you’re paying in France, you will have the doctor you want. Private room even. Oh yeah, I forgot, private insurance healthcare policies are horrible nasty riba! So please don’t expect that the free medicine from the koofar has to be tailored to your exact specifications.

2. Despite the best laid plans, your wife went into labor and it is complicated, random, away from home, whatever. Do you want your child to be born or not? Because if you’re sitting in the free hospital ER and the doc on duty is a man, you’ve got some decisions to make. Either pick up and take your wife to the closest private clinic (assuming they will take you) or sit back and ma sha Allah hou can. Ain’t no harm in asking, “Hey can the female nurse on duty do this under your instruction” but if the answer is negative, please don’t beat down the doctor.

3. I would really, really like Muslims to think about our collective public image. Incha Allah, when I have a child, I would like to be the only person throwing punches in the delivery room…no seriously, I think people need to be worrying about HELLO THE LADY IN THE CORNER OVER THERE WITH A BABY COMING OUT and not beating down the doctor.

4. Finally, the poor wife meskina! The last thing I would want being in labor would be my husband acting like a total ass. As the daughter of a healthcare provider ER veteran, I honestly would be ashamed to bear the child of someone ignorant enough to beat down a healthcare professional. And call me selfish, but don’t you think that being in labor is one time where you can legitimately expect to be the center of attention? That’s the part that gets me- not only was the husband acting like a damn fool, he was acting like a spoiled baby and putting all the attention on him.

Oh the shame. The shame.